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Let your customer know that your transport company is ready to serve and grow together by applying technology in cargo transportation.

Key Features

Road Transport

collection control, manifests, deliveries, transfer unit to unit, EDI files exchange, label, picking and volumes checking among other resources for operational management.

Air Transport

It is possible to monitor in real time all of your awbs status in the main Airline Companies in Brazil, automatically feeding the system sending information to whomever you wish via email, EDI or SMS.


Make your quotes, freight tables, visit control, quickly closing commissions with more than 30 reports for business management.


Enable a new experience for your customer. Through the customer portal, it is possible to provide real-time tracking, invoices, delivery receipts and reports, reducing the demand by phone or email.


In a simple and hassle process you have total control of bills to pay, receivable, cash flow, bank integration among other resources and reports to help you keeping your transport company financial health up to date.


Real time operation ! With our app, your drivers perform real time collection and delivery updates.

What is TMS

The Transportation Management System, or TMS, is a complete software, focused on transport management and generally has the flexibility to integrate, facilitating the entire logistical control flow of the company.
It is usually divided into modules, which are acquired according to the business need. The objective is to achieve an increase in quality and productivity to the cargo distribution processes.
Regards to integration with ERP, it facilitates the exchange of financial info, accounting and tax information, in addition to speeding up the issuance of documents.

Why choose Brudam?

We are known as the best solution in TMS software for multimodal operations with great technologies and differentials.

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Who we are

Specialist in the development of systems for the cargo transportation market, contributing for over a decade to the growth of the country's logistics sector.
We created a very successful story since our birth, we see the new, the different and best way of doing the same, we reinvented the standard method, and today we are very proud to offer cutting-edge technology, where the gains are.huge.

Therefore, we created a simple, uncomplicated, efficient way that generates many results for shareholders and investors in this very competitive and important segment in the economic sector. Innovation, Technology, Results and Efficiency, these are our pillars.


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